It's time to return St. Paul to the people.

Elect Patty Hartmann

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"My name is Patty and I am running for City Council because it's time to return St. Paul to the people."

Why I am running.

People ask me why I am running for St. Paul’s City Council’s Ward 3 office.

We have many concerned residents willing to step up to the microphone in city hall with earnest pleas for more thoughtful decisions by our city.  The City’s response, unfortunately, is often a dog and pony show with cameo appearances by staff, or a polite “thank you, for coming.”

The result is a predictable, rubber-stamped decision that ignores the voices of many citizens.

Our city repeatedly burdens us with double digit tax increases, while the city services continue to decline.  The deterioration of our city streets is reaching crisis proportions.

The city council pays lip service to “renters’ rights.”  Yet they voted to triple the renters’ trash collection costs, while filling their alley parking spots with unnecessary trash carts.

The current administration constantly overspends to create BIG sweeping, inefficient programs.  They fumble the delivery of the most basic services.

I’ve been living in St. Paul for over 35 years.  I am not a career politician.  I have no pet project or secret agenda.  My background is law.  I appreciate the wisdom of our City Charter; it recognizes the individual citizen’s right to have a say in the laws that govern us.

St. Paul is a great city with resourceful people whose ideas have merit.  What we need is someone who will follow the law and really listen to our residents. 

It’s Election Day! Please remember to go and vote! ❤️

You can find your polling place at the following link:

Connecting with members of our community during this campaign has been one of the best and most rewarding experiences of my life. ❤️


Thank you to all of the Ward 3 residents who volunteered to help me door knock and spread the positive message about our vision for the community. I will always be grateful to you for your help and support! ❤️

On Availability - I view public service as an important responsibility and a true honor. As your SPCC rep, I’ll authentically engage the community and will be available to meet face to face, have coffee, talk on the phone, and via email. I’ll be a resource for our community! ❤️

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