It's time to return St. Paul to the people.

My Priorities for St. Paul

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Here are some of my campaign priorities:

1) Improve government transparency and accountability. 

no substitute for authentic citizen engagement. 

2) Public Safety. 

Gunshots have become a record setting daily threat.  911 calls and theft are also increasing. The City's budget cuts for the police will add more delay to response times, showing misplaced priorities. 

3) Responsible neighborhood development.

  • The city repeatedly grants zoning variances for construction not consistent with our neighborhoods.
  • The City favors the interests of corporate developers over its own residents and local businesses.

4) Stop runaway taxes and fees.

The City constantly raises taxes and adds fees, but our basic city services continue to decline.  The tax increases are not sustainable and unfairly burden our residents due to TIF tax credit transfers given to developers.

5) Fix the city streets. 

Street maintenance has been deferred so long, it's now a crisis.

We can create a more vibrant, livable city not just for Ward 3, but for all of St. Paul.